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Baiting's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Just now... [30 May 2005|11:33am]

funperson28: hi sexy
chrissy_cums_hard: hi
funperson28: i bet you need to 69
chrissy_cums_hard: 69 what? dollars? sure!
funperson28: lots of wet oral action
chrissy_cums_hard: where?
funperson28: do you need some hot cum
chrissy_cums_hard: yes actually. I'm working on a love potion for chemistry class and I do still need the hot cum. do you know where i can get some?
funperson28: i'd give you my hot juices
chrissy_cums_hard: mmmm
chrissy_cums_hard: well you can send them to me
funperson28: you need some hot cum in your mouth
chrissy_cums_hard: hmm, i'm not sure what I'd do with it in my mouth, but I'll "play along". I need some hot cum in my mouth.
funperson28: do you swallow
chrissy_cums_hard: yes baby
funperson28: i need a girl to cum in my mouth
funperson28: i need to eat some wet pussy
chrissy_cums_hard: do YOU swallow?
funperson28: yes
funperson28: i love lady cum juices down my throat
chrissy_cums_hard: ohhh, so did you want me to be a "lady"?
funperson28: what ru a transformer
chrissy_cums_hard: no. I'm not a transformer
funperson28: more than meets the eye
chrissy_cums_hard: so anyway, you wanted to lick my "pussy"?
chrissy_cums_hard: lol, cute
funperson28: how wet do you get
chrissy_cums_hard: mmm, i get real wet. when I walk home in the rain sometimes i get so wet that my jeans get soaked and my bulge shows.
chrissy_cums_hard: it's hot
chrissy_cums_hard: hello?
funperson28: you lost me with that one
chrissy_cums_hard: yeah, i get carried away sometimes. no biggie
chrissy_cums_hard: so, what are you up to?
funperson28: are you a guy or a girl
chrissy_cums_hard: Why would I be called "chrissy" if i were a guy?
chrissy_cums_hard: My daddy's gonna be home soon. are you gonna help me get off or not?
funperson28: is your pussy wet
chrissy_cums_hard: mmm, yeah. If that's what does it for ya. my pussy is real wet.
funperson28: is your pussy wet for some hard cock
chrissy_cums_hard: is your cock hard baby?
funperson28: yeah
funperson28: my cock is always hard
chrissy_cums_hard: does that ever cut off circulation to your brain?
funperson28: probably
chrissy_cums_hard: Anyway, where were we? Stroking our cocks and pretending they were wet pussies....mmm, so are you touching yourself?
chrissy_cums_hard: when can i put my hard cock in your ass?
chrissy_cums_hard: er... "pussy" i mean
chrissy_cums_hard: sorry, I'm new at this
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daddy loves me [18 Dec 2003|11:12am]

mmm incest...yumm yummmCollapse )
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[08 Dec 2003|06:39am]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hey guys. I just joined this community because baiting is great. I'm glad there is a community dedicated to it. If you go to my journal you'll see a few baits that i have done. This is just my baiting journal so there isn't any personal stuff in there. My real journal is thisisnotmylj. so anyway if you want to add mydixiewreckt to your friends list and read some of my baits feel free. i might actually post some in here sometime but now i'm too lazy. Peace out kids

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Satan is cool, satan is our pal...............` [07 Aug 2002|09:58am]

[ mood | devious ]

Dude, you guys... add Satan, he's not all bad, he's just misunderstood... overall a bitchin' guy!! Please, add satan_dot_com and tell him I sent you!

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My very first baiting.......... [06 Aug 2002|04:44pm]

I've only been using the computer for a little while... and AIM even less, and the only people that approach me are nasty old fuckers like this...

KdQb10: wanna chat
pagan138: k
pagan138: just a little, cuz I gotta go soon
KdQb10: how odlr u
KdQb10: how old ru
pagan138: 24
KdQb10: nice im 21
pagan138: where'd you find me?
KdQb10: do u ahve a pic
KdQb10: i found u on fidn a buddy
pagan138: what interest?
KdQb10: i typed in a name
KdQb10: and it gave me u
KdQb10: do u ahve a pic
pagan138: hhmm, that sounds kinda dodgy to me
pagan138: the only strangers I've encountered are pervs
KdQb10: sorry
KdQb10: do u ahve a opic
pagan138: I do, actually
pagan138: show me yours first
KdQb10: i dont hjave one im sorry
KdQb10: im 6 1 tan msuclar blonde hair green eyes
pagan138: lol
KdQb10: y r u laughing
pagan138: I don't believe you
KdQb10: i am seriioous
KdQb10: i have no reason to lie
pagan138: lol
KdQb10: ok
pagan138: when you get a pic, I'll show you mine
KdQb10: ok tell me what u look like
pagan138: I'm 5'5
pagan138: with brown eyes
pagan138: lol
pagan138: smile like the sunrise
KdQb10: nice
KdQb10: u sound hot
pagan138: thanks , but I'm also married
pagan138: happily
pagan138: still wanna keep chatting?
KdQb10: if u want
pagan138: I also have twin girls
KdQb10: what r u wearing now
pagan138: I thought you wanted to chat.
KdQb10: i do
KdQb10: so what r u wearign now
pagan138: chatting has nothing to do with what I'm wearing
pagan138: but I'll tell you anyway
KdQb10: yes it does
KdQb10: im kinda horny
pagan138: I'm wearing my mu mu
pagan138: it hasn't been washed in a few days
KdQb10: what is that
pagan138: a house dress
KdQb10: cool
pagan138: I can't wear anything else
pagan138: cuz I'm really big
pagan138: and nothing fits
KdQb10: nice
KdQb10: how big r ur tits
pagan138: I'm flat chested
KdQb10: nice
pagan138: like a boy
KdQb10: do u suck dick
KdQb10: do u suck dick
pagan138: not often enough, my husband would say
KdQb10: spitor swallow
pagan138: do you suck dick?
pagan138: I think you do
KdQb10: no
pagan138: I think I saw you at the donkey show
pagan138: I'm gonna block you now, perv

Yeah, I like to fuck with 'em! lol I didn't realize there was a community of people that like to, like me, though.
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fun with baiting [22 Jun 2002|05:30pm]

jmr9636: hey
SubmissiveS1ut4U: hey
jmr9636: asl?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: read my info
jmr9636: it doesn't say anything
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh im sorry baby, 14/f/wi
jmr9636: pic
jmr9636: ?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: no sorry my web cam broke..is that ok baby?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: asl
jmr9636: 19/m/ky
jmr9636: what do u look like?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: sorry your too young for me
jmr9636: y?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: nothing under 21 does it for me
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i like to be screw with experience
jmr9636: i have plenty of experience babe
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you just cant give it too me like i want it
jmr9636: how do u want it?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: not anyway you know how to give it
jmr9636: how do u like it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: whips,chains,llamas,oil,fire and blood
jmr9636: i will do the whips and chains
SubmissiveS1ut4U: well than no thanks...i need the whole thing
SubmissiveS1ut4U: are you there baby?
jmr9636: .yeah i am
jmr9636: how many guys u been with?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: about 25
jmr9636: and your 14?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: yeah
jmr9636: wow...nice
SubmissiveS1ut4U: yeah..what can i say i like my cock
jmr9636: anal?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: all the time
SubmissiveS1ut4U: my dog fucks me so nicely in my ass
jmr9636: mic?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: sometimes
SubmissiveS1ut4U: why how would you do me?
jmr9636: can i hear u on mic?
jmr9636: rough and dirty
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i dont have a mic
jmr9636: u masturbate?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i stuffed it my my girlfriends ass and broke it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: yeah of corse i do.....dont you
SubmissiveS1ut4U: your probably wacking off right now
jmr9636: not yet...im hard though
jmr9636: phone?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: why not dont you want to stuff your cock in my ass..while my girlfriend eats your asshole
jmr9636: yeah
SubmissiveS1ut4U: who do you think i am just giving out my phone number, you silly boy:-*
jmr9636: i guess not
jmr9636: lol
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh im soo wet now talking to you about my sexual incounters
jmr9636: u eat ass?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: if they guy wants me too, would you like me to eat your ass?
jmr9636: yes
SubmissiveS1ut4U: would you like me to put on my strap-on and fuck you
jmr9636: no
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh why not?
jmr9636: i don't like that
SubmissiveS1ut4U: thats some of my favorite
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ill fill you right up to your stomach
jmr9636: na
SubmissiveS1ut4U: see i told you your not man enough for me
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh baby...thats ok
jmr9636: ;-)
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ill just have to fuck you a differnet way
SubmissiveS1ut4U: different*
jmr9636: how?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: how do you want it
jmr9636: u tell me
SubmissiveS1ut4U: well ill stap you down to my bed and spank you with a piss soaked soup ladel
SubmissiveS1ut4U: is that to your liking?
Previous message was not received by jmr9636 because of error: User jmr9636 is not available.

SubmissiveS1ut4U: is that to your liking?
Previous message was not received by jmr9636 because of error: User jmr9636 is not available.
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my first bait in this community, enjoy. [06 Jun 2002|12:15am]

SoutPrkMx: i know that
ScremnObsenities: you're in michigan
ScremnObsenities: what the fuck are you thinking?
SoutPrkMx: yeah
SoutPrkMx: what
ScremnObsenities: midwest baby yo!
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: a/s/l
ScremnObsenities: flabby/doggystyle/no
ScremnObsenities: ass/sexual position/lobotomy right?
SoutPrkMx: what
ScremnObsenities: can you not read?
SoutPrkMx: yeah
SoutPrkMx: but don't get it
ScremnObsenities: alright then
ScremnObsenities: it's self explanatory
SoutPrkMx: ok what ever
ScremnObsenities: isn't whatever one word?
SoutPrkMx: yeah
ScremnObsenities: then what's up with the space?
SoutPrkMx: don't know
SoutPrkMx: r u a m/f
ScremnObsenities: it must've weaseled it's way in
ScremnObsenities: 13 year old female
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: you?
ScremnObsenities: i'm hot though
SoutPrkMx: 17/m/michigan
SoutPrkMx: got a pic
ScremnObsenities: nah my camera shit the bed
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: i look like i'm 19 though
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: so what do u wanna talk about
ScremnObsenities: 5'3" 110 lbs brown eyes
SoutPrkMx: nice
ScremnObsenities: um
SoutPrkMx: what do u wanna talk about
ScremnObsenities: what do you want to talk about?
SoutPrkMx: anything u want is fine
ScremnObsenities: you want my ass dont ya?
SoutPrkMx: why u say that
ScremnObsenities: usually when older guys im me they want my ass
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: and i usually give it to them
ScremnObsenities: as long as they're nice
SoutPrkMx: that would be jail time
SoutPrkMx: well ok
ScremnObsenities: not online it's not
SoutPrkMx: what state u in
ScremnObsenities: florida
SoutPrkMx: cool
ScremnObsenities: yeah it is
ScremnObsenities: there's mad hot guys down here
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: whats your name
ScremnObsenities: jayde
ScremnObsenities: what's yours?
SoutPrkMx: so u have sex with guys on
SoutPrkMx: steve
ScremnObsenities: damn right i do
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: i love rubbing my clit to guys that talk sexy online
SoutPrkMx: nice
SoutPrkMx: u have webcam
ScremnObsenities: no or i'd have a picture silly
ScremnObsenities: you have a pic?
SoutPrkMx: oh yeah
SoutPrkMx: no
SoutPrkMx: sorry
ScremnObsenities: i wanna see that big hog of yours
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: tear it up
ScremnObsenities: whip it out hunny
SoutPrkMx: for real
ScremnObsenities: sure
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: u think u can handle this
ScremnObsenities: i'm touching myself thinking about it
ScremnObsenities: oh yeah
ScremnObsenities: anything you can give hun
ScremnObsenities: i can take
SoutPrkMx: dam
ScremnObsenities: what you got to give me?
SoutPrkMx: you and fingers geting to know each other
ScremnObsenities: we know each other real well
SoutPrkMx: nice
SoutPrkMx: 8 one half inch
ScremnObsenities: i know it ;-)
ScremnObsenities: so you gonna whip it out or you going to make me ask again?
SoutPrkMx: it is
ScremnObsenities: well then i take it in one of my little hands and lick it from the base to the top and then i go down on it all the way
ScremnObsenities: no gag reflex baby :-*
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: so what are you doing to me hun?
ScremnObsenities: this has to work both ways you know
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: we can throw in a little 69
ScremnObsenities: alrighty :-D
SoutPrkMx: eat that pink pussie
ScremnObsenities: mmm that feels so good
ScremnObsenities: you do it good
ScremnObsenities: you had some practice huh?
SoutPrkMx: hell yeah
SoutPrkMx: eat that shit raw
ScremnObsenities: you can stick it in my pooper if you want ;-)=-O
ScremnObsenities: or anywhere else for that matter
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: so where's it go'n hun?
SoutPrkMx: doggystyle
ScremnObsenities: i take your dick out of my mouth and turn around, awaiting you
ScremnObsenities: i stick my perky ass in the air
SoutPrkMx: lets doit
ScremnObsenities: please, put it in me
ScremnObsenities: i want it so bad
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: be rough
SoutPrkMx: then i'll star fucking you so hard u hurt so bad
ScremnObsenities: you playing with yourself too?
ScremnObsenities: cause i know i am
ScremnObsenities: owww
ScremnObsenities: i love it
ScremnObsenities: make me bleed
ScremnObsenities: i reach an arm back and rub your leg
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: r u hurting
SoutPrkMx: yet
ScremnObsenities: a little
ScremnObsenities: but it's good pain
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: then i'll go faster and faster
ScremnObsenities: don't cum yet!
ScremnObsenities: you'd better not cum yet
ScremnObsenities: wait for me
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: uu like
ScremnObsenities: i do
ScremnObsenities: very much
ScremnObsenities: what are you doing now hun?
ScremnObsenities: mix it up a little
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: then i'll let u be on top
ScremnObsenities: that sounds good to me
ScremnObsenities: now i can have my way with you
SoutPrkMx: yeah
ScremnObsenities: do you want to be tied up baby?
SoutPrkMx: get going
SoutPrkMx: sure
ScremnObsenities: i tie you up slowly as i massage your cock
ScremnObsenities: then i slowly get on top of your beefpole
ScremnObsenities: now that you can't move i can do anything i want
ScremnObsenities: i go and grab some ice cubes
ScremnObsenities: and i rub them all over your sexy body
ScremnObsenities: while i'm riding your hard cock
SoutPrkMx: cool
ScremnObsenities: you have anything to say to that besides cool?
SoutPrkMx: harder
ScremnObsenities: alright hun ;-)
SoutPrkMx: and faster
ScremnObsenities: i rock my hips back and forth harder and faster
ScremnObsenities: riding your hot crotch rocket
SoutPrkMx: hell yeah
SoutPrkMx: u about to cum yet
ScremnObsenities: oh my god i'm getting close to cumming
ScremnObsenities: are you?
SoutPrkMx: yes
SoutPrkMx: u hurt
ScremnObsenities: great :-D
ScremnObsenities: a little sore
SoutPrkMx: keep moveing
SoutPrkMx: harder
SoutPrkMx: and faster
ScremnObsenities: i am baby
ScremnObsenities: harder and faster :-*
ScremnObsenities: ahh
SoutPrkMx: don't stop
SoutPrkMx: u there
ScremnObsenities: as i'm cumming i grab your nuts in a fist, and piss all over your chest and on your face.
SoutPrkMx: thanks
ScremnObsenities: no problem :-D
ScremnObsenities: i love you baby
SoutPrkMx: u cumed
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: then i turn you over and ram my 10 inch beefstick in your asshole raw, filling your large intestine with my hot man juice.
ScremnObsenities: then i lick my piss off your nipples
ScremnObsenities: did you cum hun?
SoutPrkMx: your a man
ScremnObsenities: what's it like to be raped by a 50 year old fat guy?
ScremnObsenities: did ya like it?
SoutPrkMx: u sick mother fucker i am calling the cops
SoutPrkMx: fat ass bitch
ScremnObsenities: lol
ScremnObsenities: is your keyboard sticky buddy?
ScremnObsenities: mine is
ScremnObsenities: you want to go again sometime?
ScremnObsenities: you there?
SoutPrkMx: punk ass bitch
SoutPrkMx: yeah i am here
ScremnObsenities: so you do want more?
ScremnObsenities: you liked it
ScremnObsenities: didn't you?
SoutPrkMx: fuck u no
ScremnObsenities: you sure?
SoutPrkMx: dude u r a sick ass person
SoutPrkMx: i am sure
SoutPrkMx: your luckey i don't call the cops
ScremnObsenities: and who exactly are you going to call the cops on?
ScremnObsenities: you're the one that tried screwing a 13 year old
SoutPrkMx: no did not i was fakeing it the hole time i was just typeing shit
ScremnObsenities: haha
ScremnObsenities: you were jerking and you don't want to admit it
SoutPrkMx: no i was so fuck u
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Yes ma'am. [06 Jun 2002|12:07am]

Jnuts10301: hello...a.s.l?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: check my info
Jnuts10301: what do you look like?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: a/s/l
Jnuts10301: 29.m.ny
Jnuts10301: too old?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i liek them that way
SubmissiveS1ut4U: like*
Jnuts10301: tell me what you look like
SubmissiveS1ut4U: anything under 20 doesnt do anything for me
Jnuts10301: cool
SubmissiveS1ut4U: im 5'1 115 brown hair brown eyes perky lil tits and a cute body
Jnuts10301: mmmm...nice
SubmissiveS1ut4U: sry i dont have a pic my web cam is broken rite now:'(
Jnuts10301: no worries.
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so what do u look like there big boy
Jnuts10301: 6'1", 175 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, athletic, goattee.
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do u have a nice big cock?
Jnuts10301: 7 - 1/2 "
SubmissiveS1ut4U: or are u just like the rest of those lil cunt teasers?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: that will have to do
Jnuts10301: it's all i got baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so are we here for idle chit chat or are you gunna stick it in my ass:-D
Jnuts10301: i'm gonna pull your panties down, bend you over, and spread your ass nice and far apart.
SubmissiveS1ut4U: cuz i really like it in the ass, i didnt really like it at first but im a big fan now
SubmissiveS1ut4U: hmmmmmmmmmm...thats hot
Jnuts10301: lube up my dick, and slip the tip right into your ass nice and slowly
SubmissiveS1ut4U: dont go slow u pussy....ram me hardcore
Jnuts10301: i fucking pound it all the way into your tight little ass
Jnuts10301: and start fucking the shit out of you
SubmissiveS1ut4U: *bites lip and squeels with pleasure*
Jnuts10301: spreading yourt ass cheeks, burying my cock all the way inside you
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ooohhhooohhhh
SubmissiveS1ut4U: my pantie are soooo wet, im playing with myself so hard right now
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i love it when you do me hard:-*
Jnuts10301: mmmmm.....
Jnuts10301: i'm so hard for you baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you better be
Jnuts10301: hell yeah
SubmissiveS1ut4U: take it outta my ass and,put in my pink u sill shit
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ......all 7 1/2 inches of it
Jnuts10301: i slide it straight out of your ass, and ram iyt into your tight wet pussy
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohh baby..it feels so good
Jnuts10301: mmmmm sliding in and out good and hard and fast
Jnuts10301: filling up your little snatch with my hard cock
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you really kno how to pleasure a girl, no one else does
SubmissiveS1ut4U: soo baby do you like being tied up?
Jnuts10301: mmmm...gl;ad you like it baby
Jnuts10301: yeah
SubmissiveS1ut4U: then i think were gunna have to do that
Jnuts10301: excellent....
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do you like any S&M baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: cuz that really turns me on
Jnuts10301: i like being tied up
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you dont like being spanked:-[
Jnuts10301: slapping girls a little, whips, nothing hardcore...i've never tried anything else really but i want to
Jnuts10301: i like being spanked
SubmissiveS1ut4U: looks like im gunna have to change that
Jnuts10301: please do baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: well ill tie you up ona table with leather restraints
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and your on your back
Jnuts10301: mmmmm
SubmissiveS1ut4U: then i lick you frum the bottom of your feet to the inside of your thighs
Jnuts10301: oh my
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and around your "area" and down to the other side of your thigh to the bottom of your other foot
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm oh yes
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and i take out my riding crop
SubmissiveS1ut4U: while giving you head and smacking your cheast with it
Jnuts10301: mmm....feels so good baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: im gunna put some nipple clamps on you hunny and your gunna fucking like it
Jnuts10301: of course baby...i like everything you do
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do you like the way i give head baby
Jnuts10301: oh yes
Jnuts10301: i love it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: the way i go all the way down on it
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm
SubmissiveS1ut4U: no gag reflex:-)
Jnuts10301: :-)
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i take your cock out of my mouth slowly and kiss my way from the base of your cock all the way up to your neck
Jnuts10301: mmmmmmm
SubmissiveS1ut4U: then i bite your neck real hard
Jnuts10301: nice
Jnuts10301: hey!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and slide your throbing phallus into my hot wet cunt
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohh you like it
Jnuts10301: oh yeah!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so shut your mouth and take it
Jnuts10301: yes ma'am
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do u like the pain...bitch?
Jnuts10301: i lkove the pain
Jnuts10301: love
SubmissiveS1ut4U: say..."YES MISTRESS!">:o
Jnuts10301: yes mistress
SubmissiveS1ut4U: something tells me youve been bad
SubmissiveS1ut4U: your gunna get a spankning
Jnuts10301: yes mistress...i've been bad
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so ill untie you and flip you over and tie you down tight to my board
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and then im gunna break out my paddle
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and spank you hard...im gunna make your ass red
Jnuts10301: oh yes mistress...i love the pain
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do you like it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: DO YOU?!
Jnuts10301: i like it mistress
Jnuts10301: I LOVE IT!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohh im rubbing myself so much
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm
Jnuts10301: i'm stroking myself good and fast
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you had fucking better b
SubmissiveS1ut4U: e*
Jnuts10301: i am mistress...
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohhhh im gunna cum real soon
Jnuts10301: mmmm...me too baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohhh i'm gonna cum
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i'm gonna cum
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm
Jnuts10301: cum for me baby]
SubmissiveS1ut4U: but right before i do i pull out all 12 inches of my 2 diameter moisture seeking meat missile and shove it so far up your ass i push you dinner back into your esophagus
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i ball up a fist and smack you in the back of the neck, tightening up your rectum muscles real good
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you like my pork sword?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: TAKE IT BITCH!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: TAKE IT!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: cum on baby...wasn't that good?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: lets hear it!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: "YES MISTRESS!"
SubmissiveS1ut4U: >:o
Jnuts10301: what the fuck?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: that's not what i want to hear
SubmissiveS1ut4U: now say it
Jnuts10301: no way
Jnuts10301: i'm not into that kinda shit
SubmissiveS1ut4U: why the fuck not?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: thats ok
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i lied a little earlier
Jnuts10301: lied about what?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i'm not a 14/f/wi
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i'm 53/m/fl
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so did you like hunny
Previous message was not received by Jnuts10301 because of error: User Jnuts10301 is not available.

SubmissiveS1ut4U: awwww, you left me hangin
Previous message was not received by Jnuts10301 because of error: User Jnuts10301 is not available.
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