Gary Sinise Groupie (hellbot13) wrote in master_baiters,
Gary Sinise Groupie

My very first baiting..........

I've only been using the computer for a little while... and AIM even less, and the only people that approach me are nasty old fuckers like this...

KdQb10: wanna chat
pagan138: k
pagan138: just a little, cuz I gotta go soon
KdQb10: how odlr u
KdQb10: how old ru
pagan138: 24
KdQb10: nice im 21
pagan138: where'd you find me?
KdQb10: do u ahve a pic
KdQb10: i found u on fidn a buddy
pagan138: what interest?
KdQb10: i typed in a name
KdQb10: and it gave me u
KdQb10: do u ahve a pic
pagan138: hhmm, that sounds kinda dodgy to me
pagan138: the only strangers I've encountered are pervs
KdQb10: sorry
KdQb10: do u ahve a opic
pagan138: I do, actually
pagan138: show me yours first
KdQb10: i dont hjave one im sorry
KdQb10: im 6 1 tan msuclar blonde hair green eyes
pagan138: lol
KdQb10: y r u laughing
pagan138: I don't believe you
KdQb10: i am seriioous
KdQb10: i have no reason to lie
pagan138: lol
KdQb10: ok
pagan138: when you get a pic, I'll show you mine
KdQb10: ok tell me what u look like
pagan138: I'm 5'5
pagan138: with brown eyes
pagan138: lol
pagan138: smile like the sunrise
KdQb10: nice
KdQb10: u sound hot
pagan138: thanks , but I'm also married
pagan138: happily
pagan138: still wanna keep chatting?
KdQb10: if u want
pagan138: I also have twin girls
KdQb10: what r u wearing now
pagan138: I thought you wanted to chat.
KdQb10: i do
KdQb10: so what r u wearign now
pagan138: chatting has nothing to do with what I'm wearing
pagan138: but I'll tell you anyway
KdQb10: yes it does
KdQb10: im kinda horny
pagan138: I'm wearing my mu mu
pagan138: it hasn't been washed in a few days
KdQb10: what is that
pagan138: a house dress
KdQb10: cool
pagan138: I can't wear anything else
pagan138: cuz I'm really big
pagan138: and nothing fits
KdQb10: nice
KdQb10: how big r ur tits
pagan138: I'm flat chested
KdQb10: nice
pagan138: like a boy
KdQb10: do u suck dick
KdQb10: do u suck dick
pagan138: not often enough, my husband would say
KdQb10: spitor swallow
pagan138: do you suck dick?
pagan138: I think you do
KdQb10: no
pagan138: I think I saw you at the donkey show
pagan138: I'm gonna block you now, perv

Yeah, I like to fuck with 'em! lol I didn't realize there was a community of people that like to, like me, though.
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