I'm the 16 yr old girl you cybered with last night (mydixiewreckt) wrote in master_baiters,
I'm the 16 yr old girl you cybered with last night

daddy loves me

shield148: hi..chat?.....48/male
givemekissies69: hi
shield148: busy?
givemekissies69: not really
shield148: my name is Michael
givemekissies69: Hi Michael
shield148: how old are you?
givemekissies69: 19
shield148: cool.....i'm from Louisiana
givemekissies69: cool
shield148: like your pic....very sexy
givemekissies69: Thank you
shield148: so why older men?
givemekissies69: why not?
shield148: good point
givemekissies69: i know
shield148: do you cyber or roleplay?
givemekissies69: sometimes
shield148: well, you never know till you ask
shield148: shrug
givemekissies69: right
shield148: what kind of roleplay do you like?
givemekissies69: what kind do you like?
shield148: anything really......daughter's best friend, etc......younger women/older men
givemekissies69: ohh you have a daughter?
shield148: four of them....
givemekissies69: how old are they?
shield148: 16-27
givemekissies69: Oh how old are the two in the middle?
shield148: both 24....one is a stepdaughter
shield148: so is the 27 year old one
givemekissies69: oh i see
givemekissies69: I prefer the younger one
shield148: oh really
givemekissies69: yeah.. we have alot in common
shield148: .............like?
shield148: you like younger girls, too?
givemekissies69: yeah
shield148: her name is Megan
givemekissies69: Is she attractive?
shield148: i think she is, yes.....blonde, nice tits
givemekissies69: Oh yeah?
shield148: yep
givemekissies69: You ever fuck her?
shield148: nope
givemekissies69: oh too bad...
shield148: had fantasies about it
givemekissies69: oh yeah?
shield148: of course
shield148: love to get a taste of that sweet pussy
givemekissies69: and she is your real daughter?
shield148: yes
givemekissies69: Are you married?
shield148: yes
givemekissies69: that's nice.
shield148: do you have fantasies like that?
givemekissies69: about my daughter?
shield148: no, about older men....maybe your dad?
givemekissies69: oh yeah.. all the time.
shield148: really?
givemekissies69: yeah
shield148: your dad?
givemekissies69: sure
shield148: come close?
givemekissies69: close to what?
shield148: to fucking him?
givemekissies69: no. he only fucks women.
shield148: you mean like older women, right?
givemekissies69: exactly
shield148: i see
shield148: doesn't know what he's missing...
givemekissies69: that's true
shield148: well, got time to give it a shot?....daddy/daughter?
givemekissies69: sure..
shield148: cool.....what's our story?....where are we?
givemekissies69: I'll be Megan. Just sitting in my room. And you can walk in.
shield148: and you are how old?
givemekissies69: 16
shield148: hi baby....how was school today?
givemekissies69: it was boring.. i hate school
shield148: i know i know....everybody does......i close the door.....can we talk?
givemekissies69: sure, daddy, what do you want to talk about with me (Megan, your daughter)?
shield148: yes
givemekissies69: what?
shield148: well.......it's about these magazines i found
givemekissies69: you mean my gamers weekly?
shield148: no, these......throwing incest magazines on your bed
shield148: what are these?
givemekissies69: I have no idea!
givemekissies69: Maybe they are my sisters?
shield148: i found them under your bed, little girl.......
shield148: daddy/daughter sex?.....Megan, does that turn you on?
givemekissies69: i guess it does, daddy.
shield148: it's okay honey.....i've had those fantasies myself
givemekissies69: You have the same fantasies?
shield148: about you, yes.....does that bother you?
givemekissies69: No of course not!
shield148: good....now that we've got this out in the open....can i kiss you, Megan?
givemekissies69: daddy, can i ask you a question first?
shield148: yes baby
givemekissies69: is it wrong to be gay?
shield148: no, baby it's not wrong
givemekissies69: ok good.
shield148: do you think you are?
givemekissies69: no
givemekissies69: I'm Megan, your daughter. I like men.
shield148: good......
shield148: now, come kiss daddy
givemekissies69: ok daddy
shield148: i sit beside you on the bed
givemekissies69: where do you want me to kiss you?
givemekissies69: I'm a little new at this.
shield148: daddy will teach you
shield148: i brush your lips with mine
givemekissies69: thank you daddy
shield148: your gloss is sweet
givemekissies69: it's strawberry
shield148: i kiss you a little harder, our lips moving faster
shield148: my tongue slides inside your warm mouth
givemekissies69: mmm
shield148: you taste good, Megan.....my hand moves to your sweet full tits
shield148: squeezing it gently
givemekissies69: you mean them?
shield148: going back and forth....lol
givemekissies69: oh i see
shield148: we lie back on the bed
shield148: i pull your shirt over your head
givemekissies69: this is making me very excited
shield148: i lick your tits, sucking gently on your nipples......mmmmmmm.....daddy loves you so much
givemekissies69: do you think mommy would be ok with this?
shield148: not sure....what do you think?
givemekissies69: I don't know daddy.
givemekissies69: that's why i asked you.
shield148: maybe...would you like her to be okay with it?
givemekissies69: I don't want her to be mad at me.
givemekissies69: You know how she gets when she's mad.
shield148: she wouldn't be
givemekissies69: ok good. I'm glad mommy doesn't mind daddy fucking me (Megan, your daughter).
shield148: she doesn't mind...we've talked about it.....do you want to suck daddy's big cock?
givemekissies69: You've talked about fucking your daughter with your wife?
givemekissies69: are you still here, daddy?
givemekissies69: hello?
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