Keenan (keenanthebear) wrote in master_baiters,

Yes ma'am.

Jnuts10301: hello...a.s.l?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: check my info
Jnuts10301: what do you look like?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: a/s/l
Jnuts10301: 29.m.ny
Jnuts10301: too old?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i liek them that way
SubmissiveS1ut4U: like*
Jnuts10301: tell me what you look like
SubmissiveS1ut4U: anything under 20 doesnt do anything for me
Jnuts10301: cool
SubmissiveS1ut4U: im 5'1 115 brown hair brown eyes perky lil tits and a cute body
Jnuts10301: mmmm...nice
SubmissiveS1ut4U: sry i dont have a pic my web cam is broken rite now:'(
Jnuts10301: no worries.
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so what do u look like there big boy
Jnuts10301: 6'1", 175 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, athletic, goattee.
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do u have a nice big cock?
Jnuts10301: 7 - 1/2 "
SubmissiveS1ut4U: or are u just like the rest of those lil cunt teasers?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: that will have to do
Jnuts10301: it's all i got baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so are we here for idle chit chat or are you gunna stick it in my ass:-D
Jnuts10301: i'm gonna pull your panties down, bend you over, and spread your ass nice and far apart.
SubmissiveS1ut4U: cuz i really like it in the ass, i didnt really like it at first but im a big fan now
SubmissiveS1ut4U: hmmmmmmmmmm...thats hot
Jnuts10301: lube up my dick, and slip the tip right into your ass nice and slowly
SubmissiveS1ut4U: dont go slow u pussy....ram me hardcore
Jnuts10301: i fucking pound it all the way into your tight little ass
Jnuts10301: and start fucking the shit out of you
SubmissiveS1ut4U: *bites lip and squeels with pleasure*
Jnuts10301: spreading yourt ass cheeks, burying my cock all the way inside you
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ooohhhooohhhh
SubmissiveS1ut4U: my pantie are soooo wet, im playing with myself so hard right now
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i love it when you do me hard:-*
Jnuts10301: mmmmm.....
Jnuts10301: i'm so hard for you baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you better be
Jnuts10301: hell yeah
SubmissiveS1ut4U: take it outta my ass and,put in my pink u sill shit
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ......all 7 1/2 inches of it
Jnuts10301: i slide it straight out of your ass, and ram iyt into your tight wet pussy
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohh feels so good
Jnuts10301: mmmmm sliding in and out good and hard and fast
Jnuts10301: filling up your little snatch with my hard cock
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you really kno how to pleasure a girl, no one else does
SubmissiveS1ut4U: soo baby do you like being tied up?
Jnuts10301:;ad you like it baby
Jnuts10301: yeah
SubmissiveS1ut4U: then i think were gunna have to do that
Jnuts10301: excellent....
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do you like any S&M baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: cuz that really turns me on
Jnuts10301: i like being tied up
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you dont like being spanked:-[
Jnuts10301: slapping girls a little, whips, nothing hardcore...i've never tried anything else really but i want to
Jnuts10301: i like being spanked
SubmissiveS1ut4U: looks like im gunna have to change that
Jnuts10301: please do baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: well ill tie you up ona table with leather restraints
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and your on your back
Jnuts10301: mmmmm
SubmissiveS1ut4U: then i lick you frum the bottom of your feet to the inside of your thighs
Jnuts10301: oh my
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and around your "area" and down to the other side of your thigh to the bottom of your other foot
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm oh yes
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and i take out my riding crop
SubmissiveS1ut4U: while giving you head and smacking your cheast with it
Jnuts10301: mmm....feels so good baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: im gunna put some nipple clamps on you hunny and your gunna fucking like it
Jnuts10301: of course baby...i like everything you do
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do you like the way i give head baby
Jnuts10301: oh yes
Jnuts10301: i love it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: the way i go all the way down on it
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm
SubmissiveS1ut4U: no gag reflex:-)
Jnuts10301: :-)
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i take your cock out of my mouth slowly and kiss my way from the base of your cock all the way up to your neck
Jnuts10301: mmmmmmm
SubmissiveS1ut4U: then i bite your neck real hard
Jnuts10301: nice
Jnuts10301: hey!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and slide your throbing phallus into my hot wet cunt
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohh you like it
Jnuts10301: oh yeah!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so shut your mouth and take it
Jnuts10301: yes ma'am
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do u like the pain...bitch?
Jnuts10301: i lkove the pain
Jnuts10301: love
SubmissiveS1ut4U: say..."YES MISTRESS!">:o
Jnuts10301: yes mistress
SubmissiveS1ut4U: something tells me youve been bad
SubmissiveS1ut4U: your gunna get a spankning
Jnuts10301: yes mistress...i've been bad
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so ill untie you and flip you over and tie you down tight to my board
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and then im gunna break out my paddle
SubmissiveS1ut4U: and spank you gunna make your ass red
Jnuts10301: oh yes mistress...i love the pain
SubmissiveS1ut4U: do you like it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: DO YOU?!
Jnuts10301: i like it mistress
Jnuts10301: I LOVE IT!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohh im rubbing myself so much
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm
Jnuts10301: i'm stroking myself good and fast
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you had fucking better b
SubmissiveS1ut4U: e*
Jnuts10301: i am mistress...
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohhhh im gunna cum real soon
Jnuts10301: too baby
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ohhh i'm gonna cum
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i'm gonna cum
Jnuts10301: mmmmmm
Jnuts10301: cum for me baby]
SubmissiveS1ut4U: but right before i do i pull out all 12 inches of my 2 diameter moisture seeking meat missile and shove it so far up your ass i push you dinner back into your esophagus
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i ball up a fist and smack you in the back of the neck, tightening up your rectum muscles real good
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you like my pork sword?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: TAKE IT BITCH!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: TAKE IT!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: cum on baby...wasn't that good?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: lets hear it!
SubmissiveS1ut4U: "YES MISTRESS!"
SubmissiveS1ut4U: >:o
Jnuts10301: what the fuck?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: that's not what i want to hear
SubmissiveS1ut4U: now say it
Jnuts10301: no way
Jnuts10301: i'm not into that kinda shit
SubmissiveS1ut4U: why the fuck not?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: thats ok
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i lied a little earlier
Jnuts10301: lied about what?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i'm not a 14/f/wi
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i'm 53/m/fl
SubmissiveS1ut4U: so did you like hunny
Previous message was not received by Jnuts10301 because of error: User Jnuts10301 is not available.

SubmissiveS1ut4U: awwww, you left me hangin
Previous message was not received by Jnuts10301 because of error: User Jnuts10301 is not available.
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