Tom (the_chill_llama) wrote in master_baiters,

my first bait in this community, enjoy.

SoutPrkMx: i know that
ScremnObsenities: you're in michigan
ScremnObsenities: what the fuck are you thinking?
SoutPrkMx: yeah
SoutPrkMx: what
ScremnObsenities: midwest baby yo!
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: a/s/l
ScremnObsenities: flabby/doggystyle/no
ScremnObsenities: ass/sexual position/lobotomy right?
SoutPrkMx: what
ScremnObsenities: can you not read?
SoutPrkMx: yeah
SoutPrkMx: but don't get it
ScremnObsenities: alright then
ScremnObsenities: it's self explanatory
SoutPrkMx: ok what ever
ScremnObsenities: isn't whatever one word?
SoutPrkMx: yeah
ScremnObsenities: then what's up with the space?
SoutPrkMx: don't know
SoutPrkMx: r u a m/f
ScremnObsenities: it must've weaseled it's way in
ScremnObsenities: 13 year old female
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: you?
ScremnObsenities: i'm hot though
SoutPrkMx: 17/m/michigan
SoutPrkMx: got a pic
ScremnObsenities: nah my camera shit the bed
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: i look like i'm 19 though
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: so what do u wanna talk about
ScremnObsenities: 5'3" 110 lbs brown eyes
SoutPrkMx: nice
ScremnObsenities: um
SoutPrkMx: what do u wanna talk about
ScremnObsenities: what do you want to talk about?
SoutPrkMx: anything u want is fine
ScremnObsenities: you want my ass dont ya?
SoutPrkMx: why u say that
ScremnObsenities: usually when older guys im me they want my ass
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: and i usually give it to them
ScremnObsenities: as long as they're nice
SoutPrkMx: that would be jail time
SoutPrkMx: well ok
ScremnObsenities: not online it's not
SoutPrkMx: what state u in
ScremnObsenities: florida
SoutPrkMx: cool
ScremnObsenities: yeah it is
ScremnObsenities: there's mad hot guys down here
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: whats your name
ScremnObsenities: jayde
ScremnObsenities: what's yours?
SoutPrkMx: so u have sex with guys on
SoutPrkMx: steve
ScremnObsenities: damn right i do
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: i love rubbing my clit to guys that talk sexy online
SoutPrkMx: nice
SoutPrkMx: u have webcam
ScremnObsenities: no or i'd have a picture silly
ScremnObsenities: you have a pic?
SoutPrkMx: oh yeah
SoutPrkMx: no
SoutPrkMx: sorry
ScremnObsenities: i wanna see that big hog of yours
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: tear it up
ScremnObsenities: whip it out hunny
SoutPrkMx: for real
ScremnObsenities: sure
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: u think u can handle this
ScremnObsenities: i'm touching myself thinking about it
ScremnObsenities: oh yeah
ScremnObsenities: anything you can give hun
ScremnObsenities: i can take
SoutPrkMx: dam
ScremnObsenities: what you got to give me?
SoutPrkMx: you and fingers geting to know each other
ScremnObsenities: we know each other real well
SoutPrkMx: nice
SoutPrkMx: 8 one half inch
ScremnObsenities: i know it ;-)
ScremnObsenities: so you gonna whip it out or you going to make me ask again?
SoutPrkMx: it is
ScremnObsenities: well then i take it in one of my little hands and lick it from the base to the top and then i go down on it all the way
ScremnObsenities: no gag reflex baby :-*
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: so what are you doing to me hun?
ScremnObsenities: this has to work both ways you know
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: we can throw in a little 69
ScremnObsenities: alrighty :-D
SoutPrkMx: eat that pink pussie
ScremnObsenities: mmm that feels so good
ScremnObsenities: you do it good
ScremnObsenities: you had some practice huh?
SoutPrkMx: hell yeah
SoutPrkMx: eat that shit raw
ScremnObsenities: you can stick it in my pooper if you want ;-)=-O
ScremnObsenities: or anywhere else for that matter
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: so where's it go'n hun?
SoutPrkMx: doggystyle
ScremnObsenities: i take your dick out of my mouth and turn around, awaiting you
ScremnObsenities: i stick my perky ass in the air
SoutPrkMx: lets doit
ScremnObsenities: please, put it in me
ScremnObsenities: i want it so bad
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: be rough
SoutPrkMx: then i'll star fucking you so hard u hurt so bad
ScremnObsenities: you playing with yourself too?
ScremnObsenities: cause i know i am
ScremnObsenities: owww
ScremnObsenities: i love it
ScremnObsenities: make me bleed
ScremnObsenities: i reach an arm back and rub your leg
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: r u hurting
SoutPrkMx: yet
ScremnObsenities: a little
ScremnObsenities: but it's good pain
SoutPrkMx: cool
SoutPrkMx: then i'll go faster and faster
ScremnObsenities: don't cum yet!
ScremnObsenities: you'd better not cum yet
ScremnObsenities: wait for me
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: uu like
ScremnObsenities: i do
ScremnObsenities: very much
ScremnObsenities: what are you doing now hun?
ScremnObsenities: mix it up a little
SoutPrkMx: ok
SoutPrkMx: then i'll let u be on top
ScremnObsenities: that sounds good to me
ScremnObsenities: now i can have my way with you
SoutPrkMx: yeah
ScremnObsenities: do you want to be tied up baby?
SoutPrkMx: get going
SoutPrkMx: sure
ScremnObsenities: i tie you up slowly as i massage your cock
ScremnObsenities: then i slowly get on top of your beefpole
ScremnObsenities: now that you can't move i can do anything i want
ScremnObsenities: i go and grab some ice cubes
ScremnObsenities: and i rub them all over your sexy body
ScremnObsenities: while i'm riding your hard cock
SoutPrkMx: cool
ScremnObsenities: you have anything to say to that besides cool?
SoutPrkMx: harder
ScremnObsenities: alright hun ;-)
SoutPrkMx: and faster
ScremnObsenities: i rock my hips back and forth harder and faster
ScremnObsenities: riding your hot crotch rocket
SoutPrkMx: hell yeah
SoutPrkMx: u about to cum yet
ScremnObsenities: oh my god i'm getting close to cumming
ScremnObsenities: are you?
SoutPrkMx: yes
SoutPrkMx: u hurt
ScremnObsenities: great :-D
ScremnObsenities: a little sore
SoutPrkMx: keep moveing
SoutPrkMx: harder
SoutPrkMx: and faster
ScremnObsenities: i am baby
ScremnObsenities: harder and faster :-*
ScremnObsenities: ahh
SoutPrkMx: don't stop
SoutPrkMx: u there
ScremnObsenities: as i'm cumming i grab your nuts in a fist, and piss all over your chest and on your face.
SoutPrkMx: thanks
ScremnObsenities: no problem :-D
ScremnObsenities: i love you baby
SoutPrkMx: u cumed
SoutPrkMx: ok
ScremnObsenities: then i turn you over and ram my 10 inch beefstick in your asshole raw, filling your large intestine with my hot man juice.
ScremnObsenities: then i lick my piss off your nipples
ScremnObsenities: did you cum hun?
SoutPrkMx: your a man
ScremnObsenities: what's it like to be raped by a 50 year old fat guy?
ScremnObsenities: did ya like it?
SoutPrkMx: u sick mother fucker i am calling the cops
SoutPrkMx: fat ass bitch
ScremnObsenities: lol
ScremnObsenities: is your keyboard sticky buddy?
ScremnObsenities: mine is
ScremnObsenities: you want to go again sometime?
ScremnObsenities: you there?
SoutPrkMx: punk ass bitch
SoutPrkMx: yeah i am here
ScremnObsenities: so you do want more?
ScremnObsenities: you liked it
ScremnObsenities: didn't you?
SoutPrkMx: fuck u no
ScremnObsenities: you sure?
SoutPrkMx: dude u r a sick ass person
SoutPrkMx: i am sure
SoutPrkMx: your luckey i don't call the cops
ScremnObsenities: and who exactly are you going to call the cops on?
ScremnObsenities: you're the one that tried screwing a 13 year old
SoutPrkMx: no did not i was fakeing it the hole time i was just typeing shit
ScremnObsenities: haha
ScremnObsenities: you were jerking and you don't want to admit it
SoutPrkMx: no i was so fuck u
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