Stupid Emo Kid (delimisstress) wrote in master_baiters,
Stupid Emo Kid

fun with baiting

jmr9636: hey
SubmissiveS1ut4U: hey
jmr9636: asl?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: read my info
jmr9636: it doesn't say anything
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh im sorry baby, 14/f/wi
jmr9636: pic
jmr9636: ?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: no sorry my web cam that ok baby?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: asl
jmr9636: 19/m/ky
jmr9636: what do u look like?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: sorry your too young for me
jmr9636: y?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: nothing under 21 does it for me
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i like to be screw with experience
jmr9636: i have plenty of experience babe
SubmissiveS1ut4U: you just cant give it too me like i want it
jmr9636: how do u want it?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: not anyway you know how to give it
jmr9636: how do u like it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: whips,chains,llamas,oil,fire and blood
jmr9636: i will do the whips and chains
SubmissiveS1ut4U: well than no thanks...i need the whole thing
SubmissiveS1ut4U: are you there baby?
jmr9636: .yeah i am
jmr9636: how many guys u been with?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: about 25
jmr9636: and your 14?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: yeah
jmr9636: wow...nice
SubmissiveS1ut4U: yeah..what can i say i like my cock
jmr9636: anal?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: all the time
SubmissiveS1ut4U: my dog fucks me so nicely in my ass
jmr9636: mic?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: sometimes
SubmissiveS1ut4U: why how would you do me?
jmr9636: can i hear u on mic?
jmr9636: rough and dirty
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i dont have a mic
jmr9636: u masturbate?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: i stuffed it my my girlfriends ass and broke it
SubmissiveS1ut4U: yeah of corse i do.....dont you
SubmissiveS1ut4U: your probably wacking off right now
jmr9636: not hard though
jmr9636: phone?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: why not dont you want to stuff your cock in my ass..while my girlfriend eats your asshole
jmr9636: yeah
SubmissiveS1ut4U: who do you think i am just giving out my phone number, you silly boy:-*
jmr9636: i guess not
jmr9636: lol
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh im soo wet now talking to you about my sexual incounters
jmr9636: u eat ass?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: if they guy wants me too, would you like me to eat your ass?
jmr9636: yes
SubmissiveS1ut4U: would you like me to put on my strap-on and fuck you
jmr9636: no
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh why not?
jmr9636: i don't like that
SubmissiveS1ut4U: thats some of my favorite
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ill fill you right up to your stomach
jmr9636: na
SubmissiveS1ut4U: see i told you your not man enough for me
SubmissiveS1ut4U: oh baby...thats ok
jmr9636: ;-)
SubmissiveS1ut4U: ill just have to fuck you a differnet way
SubmissiveS1ut4U: different*
jmr9636: how?
SubmissiveS1ut4U: how do you want it
jmr9636: u tell me
SubmissiveS1ut4U: well ill stap you down to my bed and spank you with a piss soaked soup ladel
SubmissiveS1ut4U: is that to your liking?
Previous message was not received by jmr9636 because of error: User jmr9636 is not available.

SubmissiveS1ut4U: is that to your liking?
Previous message was not received by jmr9636 because of error: User jmr9636 is not available.
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